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2-months ago I decided to move all my dot-Name domain names to eNom - supposedly one of the leading domain registrars out there. So I started with one: initiated the transfer, paid the fee. Provided them with domain AUTH codes, and from that point on the story started: for 2 (two) full months domain transfer remained in pending status, and after that I just couldn't wait and wondered what the hell was going on, so contacted Customer Support. Support (a guy named "Marc A.") told me that they can't verify domain via Whois records (since when registrar's rely on public whois records is still a mystery to me). And a week later, they cancelled domain transfer, claiming I provided them with wrong AUTH/EPP code. When I demanded for transfer attempt restart, or refund for unfulfilled service, you can't imagine Support's response: "Send us bank statement that you actually paid us anything". Wait, its not over yet: when I tried to login back to my Account page, login which never asked for Security questions before, started asking two questions at once. Not only it didn't accept answers, it also *locked* my account. I don't know what to call this, as I consider it as an attack towards the customer.

Just wanted to share this with you guys - from now on, I think I will stick with GoDaddy, as they are the only professional domain Registrar who cares about their customers: not only they restart all operations on failure, but also provide very detailed IT asset control features via their administrator panels. Problem is, since VERISIGN acquired dot-Name TLD rights, most of major Registrars dropped support for them, including Godaddy.